Yuracao Ecuadorian Chocolate
three wrapped bars of Ecuadorean chocolate with loose cacao and open bars


YURACAO was established as a family business in early 2020. However, its story began four decades ago on a small farm in the province of Manabí. It was there, surrounded by lush vegetation and diverse wildlife, that a young boy named Roger developed a deep passion for the world of cocoa.

Under the warm Manabí sun, amidst tropical trees and the songs of birds, Roger’s fascination with cocoa blossomed. From the age of five, he worked alongside his parents, learning every detail of the process—from selecting the finest seeds, planting them in the open fields, nurturing the plants, harvesting, extracting the sweet cocoa beans, to the fermentation and sun-drying processes.

Today, Roger and his family dedicate themselves daily to producing YURACAO, the finest artisanal chocolate crafted with Ecuadorian cocoa giving it a unique texture, exceptional finesse, and capturing the exquisite aromas and delightfully nuanced flavors. From the intense aromas and flavors of dark chocolate to the unparalleled sweetness and texture of milk chocolate, YURACAO provides a unique and unforgettable experience that transports you to a world of delights and sensations.

Our passion for quality is evident in every bite. We take pride in our bean-to-bar philosophy, which is more than a trend—it’s our commitment to the health and joy of those who savor YURACAO chocolate. This philosophy involves meticulous control of each production stage, from selecting the best cocoa beans, undergoing proper fermentation, drying, roasting, and conching, to finally reaching our customers. This approach ensures the freshness, purity, and exceptional flavor of our chocolates, while preserving the organoleptic characteristics of antioxidants, polyphenols, minerals, and other natural components of cocoa, providing undeniable health benefits.

YURACAO: A Commitment to Quality, Safety, and Inclusion

At YURACAO, we guarantee quality, safety, and inclusion at every stage of our chocolate manufacturing process:

– Fair Trade Practices: We maintain permanent contact with cocoa producers in the province of Manabí, purchasing their product directly at fair prices.
– Direct Involvement: We are involved in the selection and care of the cocoa beans from plantation to manufacturing, ensuring high-quality chocolates in terms of flavor, aroma, nutrition, and texture.
– Innovation: We carry out experimentation to innovate and create new products and flavors.
– Safety Protocols: Our small factory adheres to strict biosafety protocols and processes to ensure the safety and quality of our chocolates at every stage of production, from grain selection, proper fermentation, drying, roasting, refining, to the final artisanal chocolates.

Additionally, all YURACAO labels and packaging include Braille characters with raised dots, readable by individuals with visual disabilities. This guarantees inclusion by meeting international standards for universal accessibility, ensuring the right to autonomy and independent living for people with visual impairments.

For more information and to order YURACAO Ecuadorian Chocolates, please contact Roger Cusme at +593 99 861 0530.

You can also follow the company on Facebook: Yuracao and Instagram@yuracao_chocolates