Travel Tips


With proper trip planning, you and your group can experience the essence of the Galápagos, happening upon welcomed surprises around every corner for a visit unlike any other.

Advice, Recommendations, and Tips to Streamline Your Journey


Located near the equator, the Galápagos receive bountiful sunlight and rainfall. We suggest packing lightly with hiking shoes, swimwear, summer clothes, a backpack, and a light rain jacket. 


Don’t let the elements put a damper on your trip. Be sure to bring a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, and bug spray. In turn, the UV rays and benign island insects will leave you at peace while you enjoy a new world of biodiversity and exploration.

Swim Gear

The Galápagos are surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and offer a welcomed collection of water-based activities. You can either rent snorkeling and dive gear here or bring your own for a better fit. We also suggest that surfers bring reef booties in addition to their usual gear.


For a close-up look at Galápagos wildlife and scenery, we recommend bringing your own binoculars. You may also want to bring a camera or phone to relive your experiences and share your landmark trip with curious friends and family.


Although the archipelago features modern pharmacies, we suggest bringing your own medications and seasickness pills to spend as much time journeying as possible. 

Putting Your Health and Safety First

The Galápagos are open to tourism and require a health screening form, negative pre-flight COVID-19 test, and contact form. We welcome your visit with open arms and recommend reading our terms and conditions before traveling. 

When to Schedule Your Adventure

For perfect high 70°F to 80°F temperatures, continuous wildlife activity, lush greenery, and warm swimming temperatures, we recommend visiting between December and May. 

If you would like to visit between May and December, you will still enjoy the full island experience, albeit with low 70°F air temperatures, cooler water, and dryer conditions.

Limited Connectivity and Reception

As with most remote locations, Wi-Fi may only be available in hotels and cafes. Likewise, cellular signals are patchy throughout the island. We find that the limited connectivity adds to the spirit of the trip, facilitating a more authentic visit.

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