Our Clients’ Experience

“A spectacular vacation while supporting and interacting with the locals!”

We, as consumers, sometimes grow tired or suspicious of glowing reviews. We, as a company, have 18 years of testimonials but, more importantly, we have an evolving list of people who have traveled with us and are willing to take the time to communicate directly via text, phone calls, emails, etc. with anyone considering traveling to the Galapagos with Come to Galapagos. These past clients are willing to donate their time to help you make the best decision regarding your Galapagos vacation. Please let us know if you would like their contact info.

Here are a few testimonials from recent guests and links to read more.

smiling men women children at San Cristobal airport


Working with Come To Galapagos is like hitting the easy button! The trip was custom planned for a family with two toddlers. We had a local guide/ master diver/ translator/ camera person, and an awesome person with us throughout the trip.

Not to mention, people that feel like family, to hangout with the kids so the parents can have a real vacation!! We were able to check the must-do items and experience hidden gems on different islands only locals know. The private tours and dinners are experiences you can not find online.

The planning experience was so comfortable, when people asked where we’re going next, we would defer to our guide. Imagine actually being able to enjoy a holiday having all the coordination and navigation handled. We went expecting to experience Darwin wildlife you can’t find anywhere else in the world as the highlight, but the service with CTG was just as incredible.

This was the most relaxing trip we have every been on. We saw all the wonderful wild animals: seal lions, giant tortoises, blue footed boobies, baby sharks, penquins, sea horses, flamingos, iguanas and other endemic species!! I do have to say it is a investment but it is worth every penny and the funds go back to the locals/community. They planned an unforgettable trip for us and we highly recommend anyone thinking about going to reach out to CTG! You will not regret it! We wanted CTG to come back to CA with us. They were absolutely amazing! We hope to see you again soon!

Created our perfect Galapagos trip!

Sarah G

Livonia, Michigan

I have been waiting to see the Galapagos so long, I couldn’t imagine trying to plan myself or get some standard package from a big company. I’m so thankful to have found Come to Galapagos. Rick and Christina created the perfect itinerary for us, the best sites with enough time to relax so we didn’t feel rushed…

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Make the Galapagos the trip you want it to be – use ComeToGalapagos


Baltimore, Maryland

We just returned from an 8 day trip with 4 families including 8 adults and 9 teenagers. The trip was booked in February, 2020 (2-3 weeks before Covid became a thing) for a Christmas 2020 trip. We ended up going at Christmas 2021 after a 1 year delay… 

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Phenomenal – Once in a lifetime experience



If you are planning a trip to Galapagos then contacting COMETOGALAPAGOS.COM is the first step for a trip of a lifetime. Rick and Christina planned and provided amazing options and opportunities for us! Their insights are invaluable and provided us with the groundwork for the trip of a lifetime…

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Best Honeymoon Ever!!

Anna R

Thanks to Rick, Christina and the amazing crew, our honeymoon was so unique and eventful! We went to hot springs, snorkeling, kayaking, shopping, and so much more… with some cool animals!! All the places we stayed and ate at we’re pristine! It was amazing being able to experience most of the island and all its beauty and animals!…

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Les meilleurs vacances de notre vie !!! Rien de moins : )

Olivier N

Quito, Ecuador

Rick & Cristina (les propriétaires de Come to Galapagos) ont déroulé le tapis rouge pour nous faire découvrir les 3 îles en une semaine, une organisation au top, un séjour fantastique!
Zambonino et Alex nos guides ont réussi à satisfaire tous nos voeux de découverte…

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Enjoy Ecuador with Come to Galápagos


La mejor Empresa de tourismo de las Islas Galápagos, atención total hacia sus clientes desde el primer instante que tienen contacto, ofreciendo exclusividad y seguridad. Tour completos para disfrutar de cada momento único en cada isla. Y sobre todo apoyando al.turismo local, en hostales, hoteles, restaurantes, tiendas…

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