Customize your entire trip or join us on these curated experiences designed to exercise your mind, body and spirit.

Compete in the CTG Annual Marathon

Yoga Retreat for Peace and Connectedness – with yourself and with nature.

San Cristobal Theme: Uniqueness
We focus on the uniqueness of Galapagos, ourselves, and the opportunity of experiencing such a special place. We integrate the theme into our yoga, meditation and intentions.

Day 1

Arrive to SCY – healthy lunch followed by snorkeling at Carola and sunset meditation. Healthy dinner and orientation for the week. Intention (goal) setting for the week, i.e.; peaceful mind, increase flexibility, improve diet, inner connectedness, connectedness to nature…etc.)

Day 2

Sunrise yoga at Seaside balcony followed by breakfast. Highlands trip – El Junco, Galapaguera, Puerto Chino, Farm. Flower crown workshop at the farm + usual tour. Rest, followed by a healthy dinner, recap and reflections of the day, check in on intention progress.

Day 3

Sunrise yoga followed by Kicker Rock excursion. Pack healthy lunch. Meditation session on the beach. Crystal healing workshop at sunset on Playa Mann. Healthy dinner, recap of the day and check in on intentions.
Isabela Theme: Energy + Youth
We focus on harnessing and integrating the volcanic energy and youth of Isabela Island. We integrate the theme into our yoga, meditation and intentions.

Day 4

Arrive at Isabela Island and have breakfast. Morning meditation on the beach. Kayaking tour + Biking to see flamingos. Afternoon Restorative Yoga. Healthy dinner. Stargazing – weather permitting (if not, we reschedule for a clearer night).

Day 5

Sunrise yoga followed by breakfast. Tunnels tour + Long beach walk. “Sandy Yoga” at El Faro. Healthy

Day 6

Stretch specific yoga for hiking. Volcano tour with “magma” meditation at the top. Afternoon of rest and reflection, a great opportunity for journaling. Dinner, followed by Sacred Moon Ceremony with sage cleansing and oracle readings.
Santa Cruz Theme: Vitality
In Santa Cruz we focus on some key aspects of our own vitality – healthy eating and exercise. We integrate the theme into our yoga, meditation and intentions.

Day 7

Arrive in Santa Cruz and have breakfast at Semilla Verde. Morning Restorative Yoga for Vitality in the studio. Lunch with local healthy chef, Paola Luque. Afternoon at Tortuga Bay. Sunset meditation. Local fare for dinner. Closing reflections, revisit of intentions and progress.
Add ons:
Essential oil therapy, including a personalized blend (Alexandra)
Crystals for purchase
Nonviolent Communication (NVC) Workshop (Alexandra)
Massage at Semilla Verde
Cooking lesson with local healthy chef Galapagueña (Paola Luque)

Galápagos Highlights

Get ready for a thrilling 9 day tour around the Galápagos islands! Below you’ll find a summary of all the exciting events planned for you and a breakdown of each day! Tours are limited to 12 people max so we can ensure all travelers get the utmost level of care and attention on their trip.

Day 1

San Cristóbal—Arrival and Snorkeling!
Land in San Cristóbal to meet your friendly Naturalist guide! You’ll then be served a delicious lunch and checked into your hotel, where you’ll get a little downtime to settle in and relax!

Next, you’ll explore the San Cristóbal Interpretation Center and learn all about the fascinating natural history of the islands! Take a walk to the breathtaking Frigatebird Hill, practice your snorkeling moves, and enjoy the breathtaking views of Carola Beach, one of the prettiest beaches in all of Galápagos.

*Lunch and Welcome Dinner included (Midori)

Day 2

San Cristóbal—Leon Dormido
Enjoy a yummy breakfast in town and get ready to explore the Northern part of the island, Leon Dormido (also known as Kicker Rock). Swim with turtles, sea lions, rays and more in this world-famous snorkeling spot! Aptly named because of the rock’s resemblance to a sleeping lion, you’ll be amazed by the abundance of beautiful, exotic marine wildlife here.

We charter a boat (45-minute navigation) for the group (you may also scuba dive if you want), starting at 8:30 AM and back at 3:00-4:00 PM in the afternoon.

*Lunch and Dinner included (Descanso Marinero)

Day 3

Floreana Island/Pirate Caves
After breakfast in town, head over to visit the magical Floreana Island, an ancient Galápagos shield volcano! The oldest lava found here dates back 1.5 million years ago. On the way there, expect to see spectacular formations, stunning birds, and even sea lions! We’ll then spend the night at the island.

There will be a traditional lunch in town, and next, we’ll visit the highland to see Pirate Caves! Hundreds of real pirates, whalers, and buccaneers used this island to replenish their supply of meat, water, and wood, and these caves give a unique insight into their lives.

Just before sunset, we’ll head back in town for a great end to our day on the beach!

*Dinner included (Hotel Wittmer)

Day 4

Boat Ride to Isabela/Biking to Wall of Tears
Start off your day with a nourishing breakfast at your hotel, and then we’ll leave the Magical Floreana (roughly a 1.5 hour trip) to see Isabela, the largest island in the archipelago! You’ll be staying in a gorgeous, private beachside hotel–Isabela Beach House!

After check-in, we’ll explore a downtown wetland area where you can spot Shorebirds like flamingos, ducks, plovers, stills, and more! We’ll then grab lunch in town followed by a break to swim or practice body surfing.

In the afternoon, we’ll bike to the history-laden Wall of Tears (2.5 hours round-trip). There will be lush vegetation, pretty forests, and even possible tortoise/iguana sightings along the way!

The Wall of Tears was hand-constructed by exiled prisoners using sharp, heavy lava rocks. Many locals believe an ominous energy still haunts the wall today!

*Dinner Included (Endemic Turtle)

Day 5

Tour to Los Tuneles
Wake up to a delightful, energizing breakfast right outside your door on the beach! After that, our excursion today is a trip to Los Tuneles! Los Tuneles is one of the biggest highlights in Isabela, with fantastic snorkeling opportunities in shallow water, intricate tunnels, sea horses, giant tortoises, and a myriad of exotic fish, sharks, and rays.

The boat trip to Los Tuneles will be about 45 minutes (but it’s worth it)! Boxed lunch onboard.

In the afternoon, you’ll have free time to go swimming, learn surfing, or enjoy another incredible sunset!

*Dinner included (CocoSurf)

Day 6

Sierra Negra Volcano
After breakfast, an experienced Galápagos National Park guide will take you on a private tour of the Sierra Negra Volcano, one of the largest calderas in South America! About 10K in diameter and 300 feet deep, this majestic caldera is active, but resting. The last eruption was in 2019. We’ll drive 35 minutes to a checkpoint where we can start walking to the summit of the caldera (about a 45-minute walk), so you can see the surreal structure of this volcano in its entirety.

The whole round trip will be approximately 4-5 hours, with boxed lunch to keep you going!

*Dinner included (Hausers)

Day 7

Santa Cruz, Highland/Tortuga Bay
Enjoy breakfast and then we’ll head off to the central part of Archipelago, Santa Cruz Island (the economic capital in Galápagos). Navigation will take about 2-3 hours via private boat.

Once we arrive at the island, a bus will take us to explore the Santa Cruz Highlands (35-minute ride). Enjoy a fresh respite from the sun, walk through lava tunnels, and marvel at the world-famous giant tortoises! We’ll also visit a local family business, El Chato 2 for lunch.

Next, we’ll go back to town, check into the hotel, and gear up to visit Tortuga Bay! Tortuga Bay is one of the top 10 beaches in the world. Here, you can do all your normal favorite beach activities! Swim, relax, take a walk, and enjoy a calm afternoon! We’ll take a local speedboat back to town (just a 20-minute ride)!

*Dinner included (Bahia Mar)

Day 8

Free Day!
Do whatever you want! Enjoy breakfast, explore the town, go souvenir shopping, visit the beach, check out the Darwin Center, or take a local day tour to another island (like Seymour or Bartolome Island). It’s totally up to you! Please note that external day tours are not included in your trip with us.

*Farewell dinner (Isla Grill)

Day 9

Santa Cruz Transfer Out
Today after breakfast, your guide will take you to the airport (1-hour trip). Sadly, your tour ends here, but we thank you for coming!

Come again anytime. Siempre Amor!

Sea Side. Scy
Wittmer. Floreana
Isabela. Isabela Beach House
Santa X. Angermeyer

Surf Trip with Zambo

Surf More. Travel More. Worry Less.
Kick back, relax, and get ready for a great 8-day surf trip in Paradise!
You’ll get the best of everything–technique, methodology, amazing surf instructors, beautiful pristine beaches, and exotic wildlife all come together to bring you the experience of a lifetime
When doing something as complex as surfing, practice makes perfect. If you’re a Beginner or Intermediate surfer, don’t stress! We train you based on your needs and current level of expertise.
Below you’ll find a summary of all the exciting events planned for you and a breakdown of each day.

Day 1

Santa Cruz
First, you’ll travel to Baltra to meet your local Naturalist guide. On the way to your hotel, you’ll spot wild tortoises, lava tunnels, & even sinkholes! We’ll have lunch in the highlands surrounded by gorgeous views of Mother Nature. Next, we’ll head back to the hotel so you can relax for a bit, then get ready to go explore the downtown area, shops, cafeterias, restaurants, & so much more!
*Welcome Dinner included

Day 2

Tortuga Bay
After a delicious and energetic breakfast, get ready to explore Tortuga Bay, one of the top ten beaches in the world! We’ll walk to Tortuga Bay along the dry land and Cactus Forest for about 25 minutes–then you can surf, let loose, bask in the sun, and have a great time!
*Dinner included

Day 3

Departure to Isabela Island
After a light hotel breakfast, prepare for a fun, action-packed boat ride to Isabela island! We’ll use a charter boat for our group (approx. 2 hour ride). Once we arrive at Isabela, we’ll go to a cozy 4-star, oceanfront hotel (Isabela Beach House), check in, enjoy the views, & relax until lunch.
Later on, more surfing adventures & a breathtaking sunset await you!
*Dinner included

Day 4

Los Tuneles Adventure
Enjoy a beautiful breakfast right outside your door on the beach! Then get ready to explore Los Tuneles, a highlight of Isabela! We’ll need a boat of course, and the ride will be about 45 minutes (but totally worth it)! Los Tuneles is a paradisiac place to snorkel with lava tunnels, bridges, huge sea turtles, sharks, fish, rays, sea horses, and more!
In the afternoon, we’ll go surfing again and feast our eyes on another incredible sunset!

Day 5

Wall of Tears
After a delicious breakfast, we’re off to Muro de Las Lagrimas, or the Wall of Tears. This cultural icon was hand built by exiled prisoners hauling sharp, heavy lava rocks. Many locals say they can still feel an ominous presence in the wall today.
On the way there, we’ll stop by a variety of captivating sights like lookouts, wetlands, beaches, and even the occasional tortoise. (2-3 hour bike ride, round trip).
In the afternoon, you can go surfing again and look forward to another great sunset!
*Dinner included

Day 6

San Cristobal Island
Prepare for the exciting day ahead with a nourishing breakfast, then join us for the trip to our final destination, San Cristobal Island, the political capital in Galápagos Archipelago. After we arrive, we’ll check into the hotel, go for a walking tour in the downtown area, and head out to a nice restaurant for lunch!
In the afternoon, we’ll go to La Loberia Beach—a magical place to meet up with sea lions, snorkel, and hunt for tropical reef fish! You might spot an occasional turtle or sea lion too!
*Dinner included

Day 7

Sleeping Lion/Kicker Rock
Today after breakfast, we’ll be exploring the Northern part of the Island and one of the best snorkeling sites around Galápagos: Kicker Rock (also known as “Sleeping Lion” because of the lion-shaped rock formation).
Expect a surreal diving and deep water snorkeling experience along this majestic formation off the coast of the island. You’ll find turtles, colorful reef fish, sharks, rays, and so much more! We’ll take a private boat out to this stunning destination (45 min. ride).
After snorkeling, we’ll head over to the beach to enjoy a few hours under the Equator. Then we’ll go back to town, celebrate with a sunset drink, and end with our customary Farewell Dinner.

Day 8

Free Day/Off to the Mainland from San Cristobal
You did it! Congrats on joining us for this one-of-a-kind adventure! Take some time to unwind, do some last minute shopping, or grab a good cup of Galápagos coffee! You deserve it. When you’re ready to go, we’ll transfer you to the airport (only 5 minutes from town). Thanks so much for coming!

Airport transfers
Santa Cruz (Fiesta Hotel)
Isabela (Isabela Beach House)
San Cristóbal (MICONIA)
Naturalist Guides for the entirety of the trip
Surf Instructors
4 Days of Surf Coaching during the trip (3 to 5 hours a Day)
All organic Meals (Brekkie, Lunch, Dinner) & snacks!
8 people maximum. 8 days.
10th Sept – 19th Sept
8th Oct – 17th Oct
12th Nov – 21st Nov
3rd Dec – 12th Dec
7th Jan – 16th Jan
11th Feb – 20th Feb
11th March – 20th March
13th May – 22nd May
10th Jun – 19th Jun
8th Jul – 17th July
12th Aug – 21st Aug