A New Ultra-Luxury Galapagos Cruise Option
luxury cruise ship in Galapagos

If you were going to take a luxury cruise vacation throughout the Galapagos, to see the animals, to experience the reason you came to these islands seemingly at the end of the world, which of these three ships would you prefer?

large cruise ship

first class cruise ship in Galapagos

luxury cruise ship in Galapagos

The first one has its advantages including swimming pools, casinos, multiple dining options, and no shortage of social contact. The main problem for that ship is that it is not allowed to get anywhere near the Galapagos.

The second one is a 16-passenger first class yacht, manned by a cream-of-the-crop crew. Monserrat sails to the most exotic Galapagos visitor sites, encountering spectacular flora and fauna on its way.

The third one is a 20-passenger, ultra-luxury catamaran named Hermes. The staff’s sandals have wings on them as Hermes is the protector of travelers. Her bow has a date with a bottle of champagne in May 2025, less than one year away. The time to book is now. Velazquez (owner of both #2 and #3) has done it again. He didn’t raise the bar for Galapagos cruises; he threw the bar away.


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