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Come To Galapagos is a community-based company serving travelers, the local economy, and the environment since 2006.


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We personally present the Galápagos Islands to our guests in customized, private Galápagos island tours. For our guests that means a flexibility of schedule (pick your dates and length of stay), access to opportunities very few visitors receive, small plane flights between islands, chartered boats, personal Galapagos National Park guides with local knowledge of where and when to be to experience the most intimate encounters with wildlife.


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Come experience the Galápagos as only the locals can deliver them

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Come To Galápagos was recognized and awarded by LUXlife Magazine as the Best Authentic Land-Based Tour in Ecuador for 2021. Whether you’re seeking a lively expedition that you’ll never forget or an enlightening venture in a place that’s untouched by time, the Galápagos are calling you.

Make a Contribution that Counts

At Galapets we are on a heartfelt mission to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome San Cristobal Island’s stray and abandoned dogs. Our commitment is driven by love, compassion, and the belief that every dog deserves a chance at a happy and healthy life.

four dogs with adult man and two girls painting a Galapets mural
Meet local communities
Meet local communities

La Selva Lodge

Located within Ecuador’s Yasuní Biosphere Reserve and on the borders of the famous Yasuní National Park — one of the most biodiverse areas of the planet — La Selva Amazon Ecolodge and Spa was among the first Amazon rainforest lodges in Ecuador and today is still regarded as the premier eco lodge in the area.

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